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Who are tiney?

tiney is a dynamic childminding agency founded by the brains behind Teach First. We're using tech to empower a new generation of educators to create successful, home-based businesses to unlock the potential of every child.

At tiney, we are focused on building a forward-thinking, sustainable and responsible agency that keeps children at the centre of all we do. We promote play as a superpower, which is reflected in our thriving community.

About the guide
We've created this playful guide to explore the amazing power of play and remind ourselves of the magic of childhood. The world of children's play is unique and constantly evolving. Through these pages we hope to inspire you to enjoy rich experiences with your children and use play to harness their learning and promote their development. This guide is for parents and practitioners . We invite you to step into this enchanted world, where anything is possible - it's the best place you'll ever visit and you might never want to leave.