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What is a tiney childminder?
A qualified childminder

Educating a small group of children in your own home, providing an enabling environment for growth. 

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An Early Years educator

Armed with world-class training, continuous professional development and a diverse but like-minded community.

A self-employed entrepreneur

Running your own business and calling all the shots – but without the boring bits.

Meet Former Primary School Teacher Alicia Wilkins
"I didn’t start this with a business mindset. I created my own fees and policies but they take care of the hard stuff, which is great for someone who's never been self-employed before."
As a tiney childminder, you'll receive...
  • Over £3000 of value provided in your first year alone, including world class Early Years training (if you need it - if not you can fast track!)
  • Approval from an Ofsted registered agency and support to recruit assistants
  • Personalised business coaching, profile on our website and app plus step-by-step guidance to help you land your first customers
  • 1:1 Support from our team throughout your registration process
  • Billing, contract and customer support once you’re working with families
  • Lifetime access to a collaborative community of other tiney childminders
  • Access to our all-in-one app that helps you create contracts, process payments, communicate with families, and track children's learning- the first of it's kind! 
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Earn £40,000 by making a difference
It’s realistic to earn £40,000 by the end of your first year. Some veteran tiney childminders are earning over £60,000.
The low-risk way to start your own business
We cover most of your start-up costs, help you find customers AND you can kick things off with us while working your current job.
A career with freedom and flexibility
You'll be changing lives, but with the freedom to control your schedule and run your setting exactly as you see fit.
Meet Former Early Years Practitioner Nikki Walsh
"In my previous childcare roles. the thing that I didn’t enjoy was not being able to give the children 1-on-1 attention. Working in a childminding setting means I can give them all the attention that they need."



tiney is a different way to do childcare. We partner with brilliant educators who share our dream of giving every child a quality early years education. Together we can breathe a new sense of purpose into childcare, supporting our children and communities to learn, grow, and play together.

Make a living by making a difference in your local community.
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