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Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered the most common myths around becoming a childminder. There’s no holding back now!

When could I open my tiney Nursery?

Our training and onboarding process usually takes between 1-3 months. The timelines are flexible based on how quickly you want progress through the training (30hrs in total) and some external factors such as Local Authority and GP checks that need completing (don't worry, we'll help with these!)

Our training has been created with busy people in mind. It's flexible enough to do while working and with kids at home. Only have 30 minutes spare a night? 20 minutes in the morning and a lunch break? Weekends work better? That’s up to you.

How is Covid impacting tiney Home Nurseries?

A record proportion of children lack basic skills as a result of COVID disruptions. Our society needs mission-driven people who care about the future of our children to help us reverse that trend. Children and childcarers that are staying in small bubbles with small groups are avoiding COVID’s rapid spread - exactly the sort of care tiney homes offer. Our top performing childminders have continued to deliver over 100 weekly hours of childcare throughout lockdown. In fact, many have grown their businesses over the past few months, on-boarding assistants to cater for this increased demand for bubble childcare.

What sort of people apply to tiney?

All sorts! Our community includes people who have previously been dentists, florists, actors, musicians, city workers, shop assistants, life coaches, carers... plus a big bunch of former teachers, teaching assistants, childcare workers and stay at home parents. Around half of candidates come to us come with no prior education or childcare experience! What do they all have in common? A passion for working with children and a desire to run their own successful business while nurturing young minds from the comfort of their home. You don’t need existing childcare qualifications like an NVQ to join, although it might well mean you fly through some of our training.

What are the requirements for opening a tiney home nursery?

You are over 21 years old. You do not live in shared or emergency accommodation (shared accommodation means you rent a room and the living area, or other areas that would be required to be run a home nursery, like bathrooms, are communal spaces).Your home is a no-smoking environment (this includes all types of smoking products).

Is tiney Nationwide?

Tiney is growing fast and currently operates England wide. Wherever you are it’s worth reaching out!

Is my home suitable?

Tiney homes come in all shapes and sizes! There are some minimum space requirements (~10m2 depending on the age and number of children you look after), but beyond that, it's all about getting creative! Throughout your training, we'll share examples of how you can set up your home, and make best use of space to create your unique tiney home that caters to both your business and personal needs.

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